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About Reverse Osmosis

Our goal at MAE Water Solutions is to provide a quality water purification unit to help you meet any of your individual needs. The foundation of our systems is the reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane technology is currently in use in a variety of industrial, municipal and individual applications. Major pharmaceutical companies use reverse osmosis coupled with ultraviolet light to purify and sterilize the water they use to make their products. Electric generating plants use reverse osmosis to purify their water before it is run through a demineralizing system for their steam generation process. Municipalities use reverse osmosis to purify brackish water before it is supplied to their residents. With this wide array of applications, it is clear that reverse osmosis is a proven technology that can help you in your home, office or business.

Reverse osmosis is a term that describes a process of water purification across a membrane. To better understand reverse osmosis, let us discuss osmosis. Osmosis is a natural physical property of water where water passes from a lower concentration of impurities to a higher concentration of impurities through a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis gets its name from the reversal of this process. By applying pressure to the water with a higher concentration of impurities, purified water can be pushed through the semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis utilizes a complex semi-permeable membrane that has a molecular polar surface charge. This surface charge allows the membrane to reject impurities while allowing the water molecules to pass through it.

There are many opponents to reverse osmosis technology claiming it is an inefficient technology or that the water that is produced is in some way harmful. These are false claims by salespeople who are trying to sell their system. Our staff has experience with virtually all types of water treatment systems on the market. Each system has its own place in the water treatment market. Some companies sell a simple filter system, others prefer a carbon filter system while others use ultraviolet light. Our systems can utilize up to four separate technologies in their operation depending on your needs.

Some opponents of reverse osmosis technology state that most of the water goes down the drain. This is a greatly exaggerated statement. While some systems are definitely less efficient than others, we at MAE Water Solutions use only highly efficient systems that produce the least amount of waste water possible. Our systems utilize control valves that make them the most ecologically conscious units on the market.

Keeping this in mind, we believe that with the proper education, your decision will coincide with a large number of businesses and individuals in the world for their water treatment needs.

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